The Bracknell business at the forefront of password security and protecting businesses from a broad range of cyber attacks

It’s safe to say that remembering multiple passwords is challenging for many people, not to mention the huge security risks they pose for businesses if they become compromised. In fact, 80% of all data breaches can be attributed to weak, shared, or stolen passwords.

When Authlogics started eight years ago, password security was an area that few were looking at, but one that Steven Hope, Product Director MFA for Authlogics, knew wouldn’t be going away for some time and he had the vision to free the world from passwords. Fast forward to 2023, the company is recognised worldwide as password security compliance specialists, with password security management and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions that are relied upon by organisations from Bracknell to Hawaii.

From a very young age you could find Steven taking apart PCs and playing with computers and this soon led him into software development, product design, and a successful career with Microsoft.

Steven said, “Myself and my co-founder were both born in Bracknell and started the business there in 2001. Since then, we have been developing and refining our product offering and working with customers to really understand what they want and need. It’s taken a lot of work to build a complete solution and tackle an area no one else was looking at, but today we are helping businesses large and small to protect themselves from weak passwords and major new threats such as phishing.”

In addition to a growing team, the Authlogics Bracknell office is also home to the world’s largest and most definitive Password Breach Database which currently holds more than 5 billion breached credentials and is expanding daily, as more accounts are compromised.

Despite its growth and global success Authlogics is proud of its Bracknell roots and local client base.  As a member of Bracknell BID, they are keen to engage and network with other local businesses, to help anyone struggling with the complex world of password security and wishing to enhance their authentication processes.

If you’re worried about your company’s security, Authlogics offer a 30-day free trial, just visit www.authlogics.com or call 01344 568900.

You might even be eligible for free licences if you are a small business.

Authlogics: Securing & Replacing Passwords. Simple.

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