Fingerposts installed by Longshot Lane Footpath link

The Bracknell BID has funded and installed two fingerposts at either end of the pathway linking Downmill Road, Longshot Lane and Oldbury. These posts contain place names and distances of destinations in each direction, improving wayfinding and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists. The fingerposts are complimented with a BID funded and constructed footpath link running adjacent to the railway line which connects to Oldbury through the BID funded subway mural. To read more on the footpath link, click here, and more information regarding the subway mural can be found here. These fingerposts are part of a wider strategy to improve wayfinding and connectivity throughout the BID area. The project satisfies Objective 1 Infrastructure activity d) Improve navigation around the BID area for all road users, cyclists and pedestrians through information, signage and other innovative methods. Businesses stated how improved pedestrian signage and visitor information (33%) was a benefit to their business, and therefore underlines the importance of the installation of fingerposts by the new footpath link.

The news article regarding the installation of the two fingerposts can be read here.

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