New Footpath on Longshot Lane Link



The Bracknell BID has funded and constructed a new footpath link running adjacent to the railway line, which connects Longshot Lane Industrial Estate to Oldbury through the BID funded subway mural. The BID has funded new self-binding gravel footpath surfacing, vegetation cutbacks and maintenance of the link. This project ties into the BID’s overall strategy to improve connectivity across the BID area and it is complimented by new BID funded fingerpost signage at either end, which can be read about here. The project satisfies Objective 1 Infrastructure activity e) Working with partners to maintain and improve where necessary, the general condition and appearance of roads, footpaths, cycle ways and verges throughout the BID area including the additional gritting of roads where needed. Businesses stated how condition of roads and footpaths (85%) and improvements to roads and footpaths (39%) were important factors to their business, and highlighted the necessity for a new footpath link with vegetation cutbacks.

The news article regarding the constructed footpath link can be read here.

BID funded signposting at either end of the Longshot Lane footpath link
Self-binding gravel footpath surfacing and vegetation cutbacks
Improved connectivity through the footpaths easy access

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