Bracknell BID funded Subway Mural

A colourful, pleasant space in the BID funded subway underpass mural created for pedestrians in the Bracknell BID area.
The subway underpass mural unveiling was joined by the MP for Bracknell James Sunderland (pictured central), members of the Bracknell BID Board Peter Smith (pictured far left), Bob Collis (pictured far right), BID manager Sean Griffin (pictured left) and Sue Pitt, one of the volunteers who gave up her time to work on the mural (pictured right).

Bracknell BID has funded a subway mural between Downmill Road and Oldbury, transforming the subway underpass into a bright and positive message about sustainability, community and green energy.

The revamped underpass mural was painted by nationally acclaimed, award-winning artist Lynne Hollingsworth and a team of local volunteers over several days.

The subway, which runs under Berkshire Way and connects the Southern and Western Business Areas in Bracknell between Downmill Road and Oldbury, is regularly used by pedestrians and cyclists who work in the area.

The new mural was unveiled by the MP for Bracknell James Sunderland, members of the Bracknell BID Board Peter Smith and Bob Collis, BID Manager Sean Griffin, and Sue Pitt, one of the volunteers who gave her time to work on the mural. The press release news article on the subway mural unveiling can be read here.

The BID would like to thank all the volunteers who generously gave their time, Waitrose for facilitating parking and rest facilities for the artist and volunteers, and Bracknell Forest Council for their continued support.

This project forms part of the BID’s wider strategy to improve pedestrian and cycleway linkages and connectivity throughout the BID area. The subway mural is complimented with the BID funded construction of new footpath link, which connects Longshot Lane Industrial Estate to Oldbury through the BID funded subway mural, and can be read about here. Additionally, The Bracknell BID has funded and installed two fingerposts at either end of the pathway linking Downmill Road, Longshot Lane and Oldbury, which can be read about here.

The project satisfies Objective 1 Infrastructure activity e) Working with partners to maintain and improve where necessary, the general condition and appearance of roads, footpaths, cycle ways and verges throughout the BID area including the additional gritting of roads where needed. Investing in public art or floral to improve appearance of the area was highlighted as a factor important to businesses in the area (20%), and signified an imperative reason to improve the appearance for the hundreds of people who use this route every week.



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