The BID Healthy 5k Walk/Run Route

The BID has launched a new 5K walking/running route around the Southern and Western Business Area. The BID arranged and funded 5K Healthy Walk/Run Route ties into Objective 2 Business growth and investment, which aims to support businesses in Bracknell to grow, develop and invest by creating a great working environment to operate effectively and attract and retain the best people. It also ties into Activity 2 b: to develop schemes, benefits and events for those who work in businesses in the BID area which promote the feeling of community, a sense of well-being and encourages staff retention and productivity. The retention and welfare of employees is an important consideration for businesses in the BID, with 84% of survey respondents stating that amenities and facilities for their employees was important and highlighted the necessity for a funded and arranged 5K route around the area. The route also ties into Objective 1 Infrastructure Activity e: Working with partners to maintain and improve where necessary, the general condition and appearance of roads, footpaths, cycle ways and verges throughout the BID area including the additional gritting of roads where needed.

To follow the pdf version of the route from Farleymoor Lake, click here.

To follow the pdf version of the route from Twin Bridges Roundabout, click here.

To follow the pdf version of the route from Arlington Square, click here.

Interactive Route Map

The route is marked by the blue dashed line on the map and takes in several pleasant green spaces around the BID including Farleymoor Lake and Arlington Square in the Western Business Area and Wildridings Copse in the Southern Business Area. The 5k route ties in all the 3 green spaces and facilitates use in either direction. Combined with vegetation cutbacks and a new subway mural, the BID Healthy Walking/Running Route is an exceptional addition to the area that not only promotes health, but illustrates the natural beauty the Southern and Western Business Areas have to offer. The BID would like to thank Bracknell Forest Council, Thames Water, Workman LLP, and Waitrose/John Lewis Partnership for helping to facilitate this project. So, if you fancy taking a leisurely walk by the picturesque Arlington Square, or gazing out over the lovely Farleymoor Lake, or if you fancy beating your record 5k time through the ancient woodland of Wildridings Copse, there is no better place in the area than through the waymarked BID Healthy Walking/Running Route.

Bracknell BID funded a weekly Personal Trainer-led 5k lunchtime fitness group session, free for workers in the BID area. These sessions are available to those wishing to get fit, of low to moderate ability, and will comprise of a light warm up and stretch, a jog along the Bracknell BID Healthy 5K route, and a short cool down.

If you would like to learn more about the Personal-Trainer-led 5k lunchtime fitness group sessions, click here.

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