Bracknell BID Business Crime Reduction Service

The DISC App will allow BID businesses to monitor urgent crime updates in real-time notifications, report incidents, share information and view profiles of known offenders, plus more (see below).

Introducing the Bracknell BID Business Crime Reduction Service

The Bracknell BID Business Crime Reduction Service (BCRS) seeks to improve the collation of crime and disorder intelligence across our business areas through our dedication crime-reporting portal (DISC). We are delighted to launch this service with the support of the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS), a national data sharing organization and support network for BIDs. The crime reduction scheme will make it easier for businesses to work together to share business crime intelligence, reduce crime and Anti-Social Behaviour.

This service builds on the existing safety and security offering and supports our core aim of working with Thames Valley Police and Bracknell Forest Council to make the area safer by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Bracknell BID Business Crime Reduction Service rollout encompassing the DISC app satisfies BID Business Plan Objective 2 (Business Growth and investment), which aims to support businesses in Bracknell to grow, develop and invest by creating a great working environment to operate effectively and attract and retain the best people. The Bracknell BID BCRP Service ties in to maintaining a safe and secure working environment, achieving activity 3 b: Maintain and develop schemes which share and provide information and intelligence between partners and business security teams involved in the prevention of crime and the creation of a safe environment for all who work and use Bracknell’s business areas.

How much will joining the BCRS cost?

Joining BCRS and access to the DISC portal is fully funded by Bracknell BID for all levy-paying businesses.

What is DISC?

DISC is the secure online information-sharing system for crime reduction schemes across the UK, and enables a form of community policing to be utilised amongst local businesses. It is used by more than 500 towns and city centres across the UK including industrial estates, business parks, security companies and by the police in helping to drive down low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

For DISC users, the system comprises of 3 key elements:

  • The DISC communications platform – you can access information using the DISC app or DISC desktop. The platform is where you can submit incident reports about low-level crime and anti-social behaviour, as well as creating profiles about the people responsible for it.
  • Engagement tools – Disc utilises notifications for real-time events for ease of information and intelligence sharing for all users in the Bracknell BID
  • Easy to navigate and digest – easy for all users to understand, as the DISC app automatically creates an e-news letter of the past 7 days events allowing for ease in reading when time is short.

What will the new service and DISC App allow me to do?

DISC uses easy and seamless communications to users in the Bracknell BID area to provide up to date information and intelligence sharing on any important or urgent events in the area:

  • Send and receive urgent and important alerts relating to crime & ASB
  • View galleries of known prolific offenders
  • Share Instant Messages, news, documents and ID-sought images
  • Share information about upcoming events
  • Review crime data and trends

DISC is a user-friendly app designed for all businesses in the BID.

How do I become a member?

Businesses who wish to sign up to the BCRS need to email and leave the name of your business and your contact details.

How do I get the app?

Once you have completed the sign-up process, you can download the App from the AppStore (for iPhone) or Google Playstore (for Android) by searching for ‘Littoralis Disc App’. Load onto your smartphone, open it and follow the on-screen instructions

Is NBCS legally compliant?

Yes. The NBCS is fully compliant to GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018 and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

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