Thames Valley Police Cyber Crime Webinar – Save the Date 2pm – Wed 23rd Sept

As on-line and remote working becomes even more critical to businesses and organisations, Police are seeing an exponential increase in Cyber threats and attacks against businesses and organisations large and small. Sophisticated ransomware attacks, which can cripple an organisation and put it out of business, is also a growing threat.

Attacks may have even more impact now as businesses, their IT companies and the cyber security industry generally may have less capacity to respond, through sickness and self-isolation.

This one hour webinar delivered by the Thames Valley Police Cyber Security Advisor will cover: 

•             Ransomware

•             Phishing

•             Home working

•             Wider online fraud

This webinar will give you a practical and personal demonstration of you and your business’s potential exposure to risk and advise how to minimise this. The webinar is free to BID businesses. Please click here to register

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