‘I Work’ Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions

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'I Work' Bracknell BID Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions:

1. All Bracknell BID Loyalty Cards are the property of the Bracknell Investment Group Ltd, c/o 2nd Floor,
12 The Strand, Cathedral Quarter, Derby DE1 1BA.


2. Bracknell BID Loyalty Cards are only valid for use in participating shops, stores and businesses.


3. Loyalty Cards obtained through the I Work scheme are only available to people who work in the Bracknell BID area and who have a valid email address.


4. The cards will be delivered to you at your place of work via the Bracknell BID office. You are not eligible for the I Work scheme if your employer is based outside of the Bracknell BID area or in the Bracknell BID area but your place of work is at a different site.


5. Bracknell BID Loyalty Cards are available to anyone who works in the BID area and has a valid email address.


6. Holders of a Bracknell BID Loyalty Card must sign the authorisation strip on the back of the card and activate it through the following link: https://bracknellbid.co.uk/i-work-loyalty-card/activate-my-card/ immediately upon receipt.


7. Loyalty cards may only be used by the person to whom the card and its unique QR code/number has been issued.


8. Bracknell Investment Group Ltd should be notified immediately of any changes to contact details and, in the case of the I Work scheme, any changes in employment.


9. Bracknell Investment Group Ltd at its sole discretion may refuse to issue a card and may withdraw a card from a participant at any time. The Bracknell Investment Group Ltd may also at its sole discretion remove any or all participants from the scheme at any time.


10. Offers and promotions can be viewed on the Bracknell BID website on the following page: https://bracknellbid.co.uk/businesses-employees/benefits-to-employees/


11. Bracknell Investment Group Ltd is not responsible for any benefit offered by any business participating in this scheme and is not responsible for notifying participants of any changes to the benefits which are deemed to be associated with any of the Bracknell BID Loyalty Cards.


12. These Rules prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency with any other communications, including advertising or promotional materials. These Rules are subject to the laws of England and Wales and do not affect your statutory rights.


13. If your Loyalty Card is lost or you have any queries regarding its use, please telephone 01344 949080 or email enquiries@bracknellbid.co.uk immediately. The Bracknell Investment Group Ltd reserve the right to make a charge to cover the costs of issuing a replacement.


14. Bracknell Investment Group Ltd reserve the right to withdraw the I Work Loyalty Card scheme at any time.


15. All Loyalty Cards will expire on 31st March 2025 at the end of the current Business Improvement District term.

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