Bracknell BID ‘Meet Your Neighbour’ Business Breakfast – 3M – Wednesday 25th January

On Wednesday 25th January, Bracknell BID organised a ‘Meet Your Neighbour’ Business Breakfast event for BID area businesses at 3M, 3M Centre, Cain Road, in the Western Business Area.

Around 45 attendees enjoyed a complimentary light breakfast with tea and coffee and time to network with other businesses.

Sean Griffin, the Bracknell BID Manager, gave a brief update on the BID’s current projects and future projects, before introducing Tony Bellis from 3M to give a talk about their business and history in Bracknell.

Tony Bellis, Head of Government Affairs, gave an insightful presentation about 3M’s wide array of product specialisation and innovation in four business groups covering Consumer, Health Care, Safety and Industrial, and Transportation and Electronics. Tony detailed why 3M chose Bracknell as its base for its Northern European Headquarters, and highlighted the company’s presence as a global science-based technology company, with the company’s familiar saying ‘you are rarely more than three metres away from a 3M product’. Tony explained to attendees how 3M are market leaders in safety, tapes, adhesives and abrasives, with many of their 65,000+ products used amongst cars, road signs, vehicles, electricals, buildings and mobile phones.

Attendees were then given a tour of the Customer Innovation Centre from Scott Stapley, Customer Innovation Centre Lead; The Customer Innovation Centre showcases the science and solutions behind 3M’s expertise across various industries, and encompassed demonstrations of how strong their adhesives are by having attendees stand a top a glass panel held solely by their tape! Scott explained how their adhesives are used in aircraft wings, as well as in cladding in some of the world’s biggest buildings. Attendees were able to explore the centre to look at innovations developed by 3M, such as the technology behind reflective road signage as well as medical equipment. The centre illustrated 3M’s products, history and their status as a pioneer in science-based innovation.

Bracknell MP James Sunderland was also in attendance, giving a brief speech on the importance of business in Bracknell as well as the progress made by Bracknell BID on improvements to the area.

Our monthly business breakfasts are a chance for businesses to meet, network, develop relationships and to understand what other Bracknell businesses have to offer to each other. You can view our previous monthly Business Breakfast events here.

Attendees enjoyed a light breakfast as well as networking opportunities with local businesses
Attendees enjoyed a presentation from BID Manager Sean Griffin
Sean Griffin, BID Manager, gave an update on projects delivered
Tony Bellis, Head of Government Affairs, gave an insightful presentation about 3M’s wide array of product specialisation and innovation

A science-based technology company, 3M uses more than 50 unique technology platforms to develop thousands of innovative products that create real impact in every life around the world. 3M is a multinational business which manufactures industrial, safety and consumer products, operating in more than 70 countries. 3M produces more than 65,000 products, ranging from adhesives and abrasives, to ceramics and nanotechnology. Post-it note and Scotch tape are among their flagship products. Roughly one-third of 3M’s sales come from products introduced in the last five years, highlighting their specialisation in science-based innovation. 3M’s UK headquarters (3M Centre) is located in Bracknell, which houses their office-space, research areas, and the state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Centre.

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